How does it work?

Ray® uses the patented Osmotex Steriliser® technology, a quick, effective, safe and environmentally friendly technology. Through a controlled interaction of moisture and electric pulses we create an anti-viral and anti-bacterial effect inside and on the surface of a textile, proven by the University of Zurich Applied Sciences.  



Revolutionising Technology

Ray® Osmotex Active Sterilising Face Mask® is build with several layers. Active membranes, conductive textiles and an electro-osmotic processes are the magic of this patented technology that sterilises microorganisms inside and on textiles.

It is a unique and ground-breaking technology that creates an active anti-viral and anti-bacterial effect.

The technology has a three-layer structure; conductive textile, membrane and conductive textile.

The materials are hygroscopic, and absorb water from the air, from humans (e.g. in a face mask) or from sprayed water. By conductors and membranes having selected properties, and by applying the right electric potential to the conductive textiles, a strong sterilising effect is created inside and on the surfaces of the fabric.



Are more products planned with this technology?

The answer is simply: YES! Self-sterilising masks are just the first product we are launching. Our research and development team is continuously working on enhancing the technology and expanding it's usage for other areas.

Several products are planned for people working in hospitals, from garments to bed linen, as well as other industries that may benefit from a continuous sterilisation. Stay tuned to hear more about it.

If you are a business customer/producer, feel free to get in touch with us to discuss possible usage of this technology in other areas.