Manuals for the Ray® Osmotex Active Sterilising Face Mask®





RAY® Osmotex Active Sterilising Facemask®

the protective mask with active antiviral effect!

Medical Facemask Type IIR - EN 14683:2019
Electronic unit SC-10, EN 60335-1:2020-08 IP-classification: IP3X

This manual is valid for the following products:
RO-2021-OS-G, RO-2021-OS-B, RO-2021-OS-D, RO-2021-OS-W, RO-2021-OM-G, RO-2021-OM-B, RO-2021-OM-D, RO-2021-OM-W, RO-2021-OL-G, RO-2021-OL-B, RO-2021-OL-D, RO-2021-OL-W, RO-2021-OX-G, RO-2021-OX-B, RO-2021-OX-D, RO-2021-OX-W, RM-2021-OS-G, RM-2021-OS-B, RM-2021-OS-D, RM-2021-OS-W, RM-2021-OM-G, RM-2021-OM-B, RM-2021-OM-D, RM-2021-OM-W, RM-2021-OL-G, RM-2021-OL-B, RM-2021-OL-D, RM-2021-OL-W, RM-2021-OX-G, RM-2021-OX-B, RM-2021-OX-D, RM-2021-OX-W
Please read these instructions carefully before using the device and keep them for future reference. 


Before using this product, you must:
- read and understand the instruction manual completely.
- familiarise yourself with your product, its capabilities, and limitations of use.
- understand and accept the risks associated with its use.

Function of the device: Protection from bacterial or viral infections - (see also chapter on mechanism) for healthcare and medical professionals exposed to a high risk of infection through germs transferable through air.

For further information, please see or Possible phone hotlines will be listed at the home pages as well.

Indications: Protection from infections

Contradictions: Not known


Failure to heed these warnings and following recommendations could result in electric shock, fire and/or serious injury.


Dear Customer,

We are pleased that you have chosen the Ray® Osmotex Active Sterilising Facemask®. The mask consists of membranes that disinfect themselves (passively and actively - with the electronic unit) to increase protection against infectious diseases. This effect has been verified in numerous studies in the laboratory and in clinical trials in Switzerland and Germany (source: Osmotex AG). Stay healthy!

Scope of delivery

Together with the protective mask, you will receive a rechargeable electronic unit (SC-10) and a charging cable.